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What is a Field?  

What gives life to matter is energy.  Every form and structure of life - from humans, to plants, down to the cell - has an energy field around it.  That field creates a pattern around the life form, and that pattern also exists as energy in the field.  Most people think that matter is emitting some type of vibration, light, or information, or that it's matter which is emitting the field.  But according to the quantum model of reality, it is not matter that emits the field - it is the field that creates matter.  So, if you are trying to change matter, then you are believing the illusion that matter is more real than energy, but the reality is you cannot have life without energy, so you have to get beyond matter in order to change matter.  Every time you change the pattern in the field, you are literally changing the pattern in the 3D reality.  Change the field, change the matter.

- Dr. Joe Dispensa

How Do We Communicate with the Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind controls the autonomic nervous system and is responsible for our automatic physical and neurological functions.  It provides a built-in communication link commonly known as muscle testing.  For example, our bodies move because the subconscious mind directs a complex set of electrical signals to just the right muscles at just the right time to perform the task.  This electrical signal can be dramatically affected by the thoughts being contemplated in the mind.  When the mind is holding a stressful thought, an electrical conflict is created in the brain and the signal strength to the body is reduced, resulting in a weakened muscle response.  If there is conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind the result is a weakened response in the muscles of the body, similar to a polygraph test.

What Does a Session Look Like?

Now that you know what working with the field and muscle testing is, you are ready to experience a field integration.  This work is done through accessing your intention and deeply connecting with your heart's desire.   Old patterns and habits are cleared so that a new pattern can be offered.  This happens in the form of Geotran Coding - a numeric, sacred geometrical dialect that speaks directly to the body's information fields.  Geotran Coding has been studied in depth and has been used in this way for decades.  It works similarly to entering new information into a computer system or  downloading an app to your phone.  By erasing subconscious and self-sabotage resulting from personal beliefs, early childhood programming, fears, and traumatic experiences, you can reformat for a better life!  De-stress and clear the space for the new information to truly begin to live from your essence!!

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